The Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Why should you use Dechant Sheer Minerals - Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup is Healthy for Your Skin

Skin Healthy Formulation from natural micro-ionized mineral pigments.

Younger Looking Skin

Light-reflective minerals minimize appearance of fine lines.

Natural and Long Lasting

Many of our customers tell us how thrilled they are to leave their goopy, heavy liquid foundations behind. Mineral foundation looks and feels much more natural, without sacrificing any of the coverage! It smoothes and evens out skin tone, giving the look of naturally flawless skin, rather than the look of a thick mask of makeup.

Beautiful All Day

Dechant Sheer Mineral Makeup includes a highly sophisticated blend of minerals and pigments that are micro-pulverized to create flat crystals. These crystals create a filter that allows the skin to breathe and function normally while still protecting it. The staying power of mineral makeup is so great it rarely needs touchup.


Endorsed by cosmetic and plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians and used by professionals for post-procedural coverage. There is no allergy risk; minerals are inert with no activity.

Chemical-Free SPF-15 Sun Protection

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide offer natural, broad-spectrum sun protection.


Mineral makeup will not block pores. Free of oils, silicones and waxes.

Beautiful Custom Colors

These products are interchangeable! Use them anywhere on your face and create new and stunning colors to suit your style.

Key Benefits

  • No alcohol or chemicals
  • Non-comedogenic & oil free
  • SPF-15 sun protection
  • Very water resistant, ideal for the active lifestyle
  • Nearly zero allergy risk with no harmful chemicals, talc, dyes, parabens or alcohol
  • No animal testing

Mineral Makeup Ingredients

Micronized Titanium Dioxide - A Non-Chemical of SPF A Micronized white pigment of crystalline structure with a high refractive index & great inertness able to reflect & scatter light, derived from the naturally occurring mineral ilmenite.

Micronized Zinc Oxide - A reflector and the combination of the two protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Iron Oxide - The colorant. It comes from the ground and comes in an orange, red, brown and yellowish color blended to make skin tones, also called ochre. (pronounced oh-ker)

Silk Mica - A mineral to make the mineral makeup feel smoother and softer.

Hydrated Silica - To make the minerals softer on your skin and makes the mineral makeup less dusty.

Green Tea Extract - This antioxidant reduces puffiness skin disorders.

Phospholipids - Used as a moisture/emollient because of their inherent compatibility with skin lipids.

Tocopheryl Acetate - This is Vitamin E, a valuable vitamin for well-being.

Ascorbic Acid - Source of Vitamin C.

Retinal Palmitate - Source of Vitamin A helps normalize the skin and balances all skin types, also helps with anti-aging.

Our lipsticks do have FD &C color. (Food/Drug & cosmetic dye). It's used in foods like Cherry Lifesavers or Strawberry Yogurt.

Eyeshadow & Blush - Silk Mica, Zinc Oxides and Iron Oxides.

Mineral Makeup & Acne

Mineral Makeup's effect on acne is obvious after trying it. Mineral makeup has unique qualities that are not in other makeup products, that helps cure acne.

Acne occurs when pores get clogged and bacteria grows. The bacteria can not grow or multiply without the presence of water. Mineral makeup is made of natural minerals, they are inorganic and extremely resistant to water.

Mineral makeup also is milled so fine that the granules are much smaller than your pores on your face. This fine milling keeps the pores from getting clogged and makes it extremely easy to blend into the skin and conceals problem areas very well.

Mineral Makeup is recommended to acne sufferers by dermatologists.

Mineral Makeup & Skin Conditions

Did you know that the owner of Dechant Sheer Minerals has rosacea? Kris Dechant has fought her rosacea for years, and she is excited and eager to share this mineral makeup with women all over the world, because she knows it works!